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Wendy Y. from Gaithersburg, MD


I have face paralysis for over 2 years and have visited few doctors (both western and easten), but was not as effective. I was told by some of them that it's difficult for me to recover to normal since the time of disease has been too long. Then my wife's friend introduced America TCM Wellness to us. I made an appointment to there wihout too much expectation. The doctor are very friendly, professional, and well-experienced. They set a plan of 3 visits per week for a month to me. Suprisingly, only after 2 visits, my face was visibly improved, which made me feel much more confident. When I finish one-month plan, my face was almost back to normal that all my friends were surprised with the speed of recovery. I would highly recommend them to all people who want to have acupuncture treatment.

Jack L. from Rockville, MD


I had severe right shoulder pain for almost half a year -with two torn tendons, and a depression resulting from this condition. After 2 and a half months of acupuncture with eletro-stimulation treatments, I had significant improvement in mobility and muscle recovery. I will continuously have treatments here to get my overall well-being improved.

Monica H. from Rockville, MD


I had migrain for years, did brain scans and medical treatment for several times but the result came out was quite little. One of my friend suggested me to try acupuncture at this clinic since his low back pain was healed here. Firstly I was skeptical because I had no idea of acupunture and traditional chinese medical theory. The doctors gave me a brief explanation of how TCM works and made a plan to me. I was nervous during the first treatment but the doctor talked to me nicely and patiently. After a few visits, both of frequency and intensity of the migrain was reduced. And now, the migrain hasn't reappeared for months.

David S. from D.C


Before starting acupuncture treatment, I had limited range of motion at my neck and right shoulder because of a car accident. Within the first treatment, the range of motion of my shoulder back to normal and after 3 visits, they fixed my neck. I highly recommend America TCM Wellness to whom wants to have acupuncture treatments.

Amy Y. from Fairfax, VA



Wang From Gaithersburg, MD